(!!!) (SINGLE) 12AU7=ECC82 RT Radio Technique France long plates 1958-1959 (11.6/9.8ma) (close Gm)

By Tube World

$ 149.99

1 low noise tube) 12AU7=ECC82 Radiotechnique (RT) France MIL "Long Plates" in military box 1958-1959

1 section) 11.6ma Gm=2300

1 section) 9.8ma Gm=2200


Tested on Amplitrex

Good Ma range 8-10ma

Good Gm range 1800-2200

(military grade, RT is French subsidiary of Philips/Mullard)

(similar sound to 12AU7 Holland long plates)


recommended for:

- Unison Research

- VAC PA100/100

- Wavac pr-t1 preamp

- Audio Note M1 preamp

- Octave HP500SE (Germany)

- VTL TL 7.5 MKII preamp

- Audio Note M8

- Rogue Cronus

- Concert Fidelity

- Audio Valve Eklipse linestage

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