KT77 Gold Lion brown base used/very good, top getter like new, 1978-1979 (81ma) (Gm=11,900 like new)

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$ 279.99

1 tube) KT77 Gold Lion by M-O Valve Hammersmith, England, like new, top getter like new, faded yellow printing, thin brown base, 1978-1979




Tested on Amplitrex




Good Ma range=80-100ma

Good Gm range 11,000-12,000



General Information

The KT77 is designed primarily for use under ultra-linear conditions (43% taps, Class AB1 push-pull)
and this connection is recommended. Similar performance can be obtained in the tetrode connected mode,
but the output impednace (zout) will be higher. Life expectancy=5000 hours when operated at maximum
ratings (32W) or 10,000 hours when operated at (25W)

- Bob Gjika KT77 guitar amp


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