(!!!) (Recommended GE) JG-5814 GE NOS

(!!!) (Recommended GE) JG-5814 GE NOS "square getter halo" and "short wide ribbed dark gray plates" 1953 in white box (9.6/10ma) 1-3% section balance

$ 44.99

1 low noise tube) JG-5814 GE "square getter halo" NOS with "short wide ribbed dark gray plates" (3-09=1953) in white box - good printing

9.6ma Gm=2000

10ma Gm=2000


Recommended for

- Woo Audio WA4 headphone amp

- Bottlehead Crack

- Bottlehead Foreplay

- CJ PV12

- Jadis amp

- Unison Research Unico-P 2005

- Einstein preamp

- Head-Direct EF1 Hybrid Headphone Amp 2008

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