(!!!) (Recommended Pair) ECC85=6AQ8 RCA Heerlen Holland NOS 1968 (21/16.5ma and 18.5/15.5ma) (close Gm)

(!!!) (Recommended Pair) ECC85=6AQ8 RCA Heerlen Holland NOS 1968 (21/16.5ma and 18.5/15.5ma) (close Gm)

By Tube World

$ 109.99

1 matched pair) ECC85=6AQ8 RCA Heerlen Holland NOS 1968 printed in 1971

1 tube) 21.0ma/16.5ma Gm=9600/8900

1 tube) 18.5ma/15.5ma Gm=9500/8800 

  • Matched on Amplitrex
  • Very good resolution and high end extension
  • Low Noise and not microphonic
  • Good Ma range 9-11ma
  • Good Gm = 6000

(6AQ8 Specs: Filament=6.3V @ 435ma, Mu=57, Gm=5700, the best sounding are Telefunken, Siemens, Holland and Mullard)


Recommended for

- Luxman MQ80 amp
- EAR 509 amp
- EAR 534 amp
- EAR 890 amp
- EAR 834 Integrated amp
- Scott 335 Tuner
- Consonance M500
- Don Allen preamp
- TL Audio iTube Valve Dock mk II (2010)
- Music Angel KT88 MkIII



comments_from: Robert Johns

comments: Hello Bendan, 
I have been using the Philips Miniwatt ECC85 tubes  
in my EAR 534 for a little over a week now. After  
replacing the current production 6AQ8 tubes with  
the Philips tubes, the EAR was just ever so much  
better. The EAR is no slouch when it comes to  
producing music that is emotionally charged but  
with the Philips tubes it became even more so. Even  
my wife noticed a difference, not an everyday  
"thing" so that is a testament to the Philips'  
benefit that speaks volumes! Well done! And as much  
as some NOS tubes can be a tad noisy in the input  
section of an amp, these are absolutely silent!  
Black passages are just that, and I appreciate the  
behavior of the Philips tubes in permitting that to  
occur! Bravo!


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