(!!!!) (Recommended Pair) ECC82=12AU7 Telefunken Germany <> Bottom smooth plates NOS 1960's - 1970 faded printing (8.2ma/8.6ma and 8.8/9.2ma)

By Tube World

$ 359.99

1 low noise pair) ECC82=12AU7 Telefunken Germany Diamond Bottom smooth plates NOS 

1 tube) 8.2/8.6ma Gm=2000/2100 (Tektronix Checked 1960's in white box #399574 faded printing from rubbing inside box)

1 tube) 8.8/9.2ma Gm=2100/2100 (1970) partially faded printing


Good Ma range 8-10ma

Good Gm range 1800-2200

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