(!!) (1 Pair) CV4069=13D3 Brimar UK NOS 1969 era with flying leads (no pins) (matched on TV-7D/U)

By Tube World Express

$ 99.99
CV4069=13D3 Brimar UK "Black Plates" 1969 NOS (flying leads instead of pins) 

6 pairs in stock

CV4069=13D3 Brimar UK with "flying leads":

Type CV4069 made by STC/Brimar of England. Internally, they are identical to the Brimar 13D3, normal size and shape, but they don't have any pins! Instead, they have nine wire leads. I have read an old spec sheet on these and the story is that they thought these valves were so reliable that they would NEVER need replacing.

Vplate = 250V
Vgrid = -4.6V
Iplate = 6ma
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