GL-6463 GE NOS

GL-6463 GE NOS "U" getter halo 1955 (14/20ma)

By Tube World

$ 22.99

1 tube) GL-6463 GE NOS "U" getter halo 1955

1 section) 14ma Gm=5600

1 section) 20ma Gm=6000

Tested on Amplitrex



Good Ma =12-15ma

Good Gm = 5000




Filament=12.6VCT @ 300ma, 10,000 hour computer rated duotriode, 4.4W DIFFERENT PINOUT than a ECC86, CANNOT! be directly subbed!

9CY pinout pattern, which is same as a 6350

- Audio Tekne TFM-9412
- Nuclear Reactor
- Komuro 212E amp

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