(!!!) (Best Pair) EF86 Telefunken Germany <> bottom NOS gray shield 1972 1% matched (3.2ma and 3.2ma) (Neumann, Lawson, Soundelux, Manley)

By Tube World

$ 439.99

1 matched pair) EF86 Telefunken Germany <> bottom gray shield NOS

(72-06=1972) same date codes in white boxes from Telefunken factory case

with Eagle Crest logo

1 tube) 3.2ma Gm=2200

1 tube) 3.2ma Gm=2100


Best you can buy


Tested on Amplitrex

Good Ma range 2.6-3.5ma

Good Gm range 1800-2200


Recommended for

- Microtek Gefell UM92S
- Eastern Electric M520 amp
- VOX AC10
- Soundelux U99  [ LUCKY DEVIL SOUND (Oakland, CA) ]
- Neumann U47, U48, U67
- Manley Baby Tube mic
- Lawson L47MP
- Microtek UM92.1S mic [ CATFISH STUDIO (Lombard, IL) ]
- U67 [Sugar Hill Recording Studios (Houston, TX) "Abbey Road of the South" ]
- U67 (Bucbonera Records SL, Spain)
- U67 [ Retromedia Sound Studios (Red Bank, NJ)]
- Blue Bottle [Vertigo Sound Lab (Boulder, CO)]
- U47 [ Kyle Homme (Orange, CA)]
- Shindo Monbrison Phono preamp
- JADIS JP80MC preamp


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