(!!!!) (Best Single) 6SN7WGT Sylvania "Chrome Top" brown base NOS 1952 (10/9.4ma) (close Gm)

By Tube World

$ 89.99

1 low noise tube) 6SN7WGT Sylvania "Chrome Top" brown base NOS parallel plates 1952 in white box

1 section) 10.0ma Gm=3000

1 section) 9.4ma Gm=2900


Good Ma range 8-10ma

Good Gm range 2300-2600


(very quiet 6SN7 with great extension and resolution, very linear, tight bass)


- Darkvoice headamp

- Grant Fidelity (Yaqin) B-283 mkII tube buffer

- Valvet Audio preamp
- Singlepower PPX3-SLAM
- Aesthetix Calypso
- CJ MV55
- Cary SLP-05 preamp
- Yaqin MS-34C
- Modwright Sony 5400ES
- Oppo/Modwright BDP-95
- VAC Renaissance 30/30 MKIII
- Bottlehead Crack

- Ultraverve

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