6SF5GT used

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6SF5GT used:
1) 6SF5GT National Union used/tests good 1951, small chip out of base (2.3ma)
1) 6SF5GT RCA used/good, hairline crack in base 1950's (1.9ma)
1) 6SF5GT RCA branded Haltron used/good (1.9ma)

REF= 2ma


(6SF5=6F5 without top cap and 7B4)
(6SF5GT are used in Fi X 2A3/45 SET amp)
(6SF5GT have gain similar to a 12AX7)
(Vplate=240V, Vgrid=-1V, Mu=110, Gm=2120, Rplate=52Kohms, Pout=.48 watts)

- Masco MA-808
- Supro amp
- Fi 2A3


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