6DJ8 Telefunken Germany <> bottom used/good 1967 (13.5/14.0ma)

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1 tube) 6DJ8 Telefunken Germany <> bottom 1967 used/good in white box

  • in white box
  • Small "o" getter halo
  • gray shield between plates
  • Low noise and not microphonic
  • very smooth and sweet sounding 6DJ8

Tested on Amplitrex

1 section) 14.0ma Gm=9500

1 section) 13.5ma Gm=8500


Good used Ma range 10-12ma

Good used Gm 9000 - 10,000




Recommended for

- Manley Chinook
- Scott Nixon DAC
- Rode K2 mic
- Sunfire Classic Vacuum Tube Control Center
- Woo Audio WA3+
- Pathos Classic One MK III preamp
- Audio Horizons phono


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