(!!) (Recommended Pair) 6112 Philips JAN 1980's (.6/.8ma and .7/.7ma) (Audio Note, Musical Fidelity)

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1 matched pair) JAN-6112 Philips USA 1980's

1 tube) .6/.8ma Gm=1800/2000

1 tube) .7/.7ma Gm=1900/1900


Good NOS Ma = 0.6 - 0.8ma

Good Gm range = 1700-1800

Vplate = 100V



6112: subminiature, 6.3V @ 300ma filament

mu=70, high-mu

general use, computer rated



Audio Note 1.1x DAC
Audio Note CD3.1X
Musical Fidelity kw 500 amp
Musical Fidelity X-10v3 Tube Buffer

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