(!!!) (Good Value) 6021=CV3986 Mullard UK Mitcham plant NOS 1971 (4.2/4.4ma and 4.2/4.4ma)

By Tube World

$ 44.99
1 pair) 6021=CV3986 Mullard UK Mitcham plant NOS 1971 original boxes 
1 tube) 4.2/4.4ma Gm=4600/4800
1 tube) 4.2/4.4ma Gm=4500/4600

Matched on Amplitrex
Good Ma = 5 - 6ma
Good Gm = 5000 - 5500

1 pair can be shipped in a small flat-rate priority mail box for $35.
Select "priority mail" as shipping option at checkout
and the total will be adjusted when the order is processed.

recommended for:
- Audio Aero Capitole Mk II cd player
- Audio Aero Prima cd player
- Audio Aero Capitole preamp
- Audio Aero Capitole Classic SE
- Audio Aero Capitol Reference 2007
- Audio Aero Prestige SACD/CD Player
- Vincent SP 331 amplifier (upgrade from 6N16 tube)
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