430C Western Electric NOS 1983 (3 in stock)

430C Western Electric NOS 1983 (3 in stock)

By Tube World

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3) 430C WE NOS original boxes 1983



3-Element gas-filled cold-cathode tube

Contains 99% Neon, 1% argon

Krypton (Kr-85) was increased over the 430B to obtain faster and more consistent ionization  time

Peak forward anode voltage = 185V

Forward peak cathode current = 100ma

Average cathode current = 35ma

Peak inverse anode current = 5ma

Starter breakdown = 70V

Starter Vdrop at 20ma = 60V

Anode drop at 20ma = 75V


Used in: 

Translator Circuit of Automatic Message Accounting equipment

No. 1 and No. 5 crossbar telephone systems

See more: vacuum tube
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