(!!!) (Recommended Pair) 12BZ7 National Union branded Admiral and Sylvania "U" getter NOS 1960-1961 era (1.6/1.6ma and 1.7/1.8ma)

By Tube World

$ 49.99

1 low noise pair) 12BZ7 National Union black plates "U" getter NOS 1960-1961 same build - rebranded

1 tube) 1.6/1.6ma Gm=2700/2800 (Admiral)

1 tube) 1.7/1.8ma Gm=2800/2900 (Sylvania)



(Max ratings: 300Vplate, 1.5 watts)
(Vfil=12.6V @ 300ma)
(Typical Operation Class A amp: Vplate=250V, Vgrid=-2V, Ip=2.5ma, Rp=31.8Kohms, Gm=3200, Mu=100)
(The 12BZ7 has been subbed for a 12AX7 in some circuits)
(The 12BZ7 has 2 times the Gm (3200 versus 1600) and lower plate resistance (31K versus 62K)
and higher filament current (300ma versus 150ma) than a 12AX7)
(The 12BZ7 was designed primarily for use as a sync separator and sync amplifier
in television receivers. It is also useful in clipping circuits and as a general purpose
audio amplifer)

- Cary V12R amp
- Cary PH-301 phono
- Cary Rocket 88R
- Audio Electronics Supply/Cary Six Pacs

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