(!!!!) (Slightlly microphonic single) JAN-CHS-12AU7 Sylvania

(!!!!) (Slightlly microphonic single) JAN-CHS-12AU7 Sylvania "black plates" with "D" getter halo NOS 1951 (9.8/10ma)

By Tube World

$ 39.99

1 slightly microphonic low noise tube) 12AU7 Sylvania "black plates" and "D" getter halo 1951 in white box

copper grid posts

"D" getter halo spot-welded to plate post

9.8ma Gm=2100

10ma Gm=2200 

- low microphonics - not severe



    Recommended for

    - Cayin MT-35 Integrated amp
    - Rogue Audio Cronus
    - Rogue audio Perseus + Rogue audio stereo 90,
    - Sun Audio 1000
    - CJ PV10
    - VTL 7.5 Series II
    - Ampeg
    - Aguilar DB750 driver tube
    - Odyssey Kandela preamp
    - David Berning ZOTL Pre One Audio Preamplifier


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