(!) 12AU7=ECC82 Miniwatt France used/good 1970 (10/9.6ma)

(!) 12AU7=ECC82 Miniwatt France used/good 1970 (10/9.6ma)

By Tube World

$ 44.44

1 low noise tube) 12AU7=ECC82 Philips Miniwatt France used/good 1970 (SWEET SOUND)

10.0ma Gm=1900

9.6ma Gm=2000


Good mA 8-12mA

Good Gm=1800-2200


(one of the best sounding 12AU7 ever made and very rare, excellent vocal reproduction)
(rich textured midrange, 10,000 hour low noise 12AU7 substitute, highly recommended)

7316 closest subsititute = See ECC82=12AU7 Philips Miniwatt Holland

- VAC PA100/100
- Wavac pr-t1 preamp
- Audio Note M1 preamp
- Octave HP500SE (Germany)
- VTL TL 7.5 MKII preamp
- Audio Note M8
- Rogue Cronus
- Concert Fidelity
- Audio Valve Eklipse linestage


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