(!!!!) (2nd Best Single) RS237=211 Telefunken Germany dimpled metal plate used/tests like new 1943 in white box (103.0mA Gm=4280) (NOS=80ma)

$ 1,399.99

1 tube) RS237=211 Telefunken Germany metal plate used/tests like new February, 1943 in white




Amplitrex Tested


Vgrid = -1V

NOS Ma = 80ma

NOS Gm = 4000

The dimpled anode is carburised for better radiation


Listened too in 211 SET amp shown in the 2nd photo and sounds excellent Vplate=1000V @ 50mA bias

- Tango transformer coupled with 10X-s outputs

- Speakers used: Avant Garde horns

- Pre-amp used: Shindo Masetto 

See more: vacuum tube
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