(!!!) (Recommended Pair) ECC86=6GM8 Amperex Holland 1975 1-5% matched (4.5/4.8ma and 4.8/5.1ma)

$ 42.99

1 low noise pair) ECC86=6GM8 Amperex Holland "A" frame getter halo 1975 1-5% matched

1 tube) 4.5/4.8ma Gm=5700/5800

1 tube) 4.8/5.1ma Gm=6000/6100 small mica flake inside tube - does not effect tube performance


Matched on Amplitrex



- Wavelength Cosecant USB DAC

- Aikido preamp

- Cavalli Audio EHHA (Embedded Hybrid Headphone Amplifier)

See more: vacuum tube
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