N709=EL84 OSRAM by GEC England NOS "D" getter halo 1950's

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N709=EL84 Osram UK by GEC NOS "D" getter halo original box 1950's



Amplitrex Test Data

Good NOS Ma range = 40-45ma

Good NOS Gm range = 10,000 - 12,000




Recommended for

Reinhardt 18W (Marshall clone), TRIODE TRV-84HD made in JAPAN, Gibson GA-5 Les Paul Junior, 65amps London head, 65amps Lil Elvis combo, Consonance Cyber 20 headphone amp, Dr. Z Carmen Ghia 2005, 2006, Leak Stereo 20, Lafayette LA-224A, VOX AC10, AC15, AC30, LEBEN CS-300XS, Lexicon Signature 284, Epiphone Valve Junior, Shindo Montille, Ming Da MC 84C07 headphone amp, Manley, RM10, Marshall EL84 amp 1974, Matchless C-30, C30, Elk Sonic 102 Japanese copy of a Fender Vibrolux


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