(!!!!) (Best Value Pair 1950's) KT66 GEC rebranded Emitron NOS and like new 1950's (70.5ma and 72ma)

$ 599.99

1 pair) KT66 GEC rebranded Emitron 1950's:

1 tube) 72ma Gm=6000 NOS 1950's

(perfect printing, small 3/8" long silver mark (getter flash) inside top of glass that looks like a crack, but it is not a crack, tube works fine)

1 tube) 70.5ma Gm=5900 low hours/tests like new 1950's

(Emitron label flaked off glass)


Good Current range 70-90 Ma

Good Gm range 5500-6000

See more: vacuum tube
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