(!!!) (Recommended Pair) JAN-7236 Cetron NOS 1983 a few stress cracks in bases (103/117ma and 108/117ma)

$ 129.99

1 pair) JAN-7236 Cetron NOS original boxes 1983 original boxes, a few veretical stress cracks on each base (due to age)

1 tube) 103/117ma Gm=12,900/13,300 (1 stress crack)

1 tube) 108/117ma Gm=12,800/13,000 (3 stress cracks)


- 7236 Cetron is a TUNGSOL CLONE


Good Ma range 80-100ma

(Cetron 7236 are copies of older 7236 Tungsol made in early 1960's)

recommended for:

Peter Millett headphone amp
Woo Audio 2
Woo Audio 3
Woo Audio WA3+
Darkvoice 336i
Darkvoice 336SE
Fi 421A
Singepower Extreme
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