(!!!!!) (BEST EL5 QUAD) EL5 Tungsram UK NOS 1947-1949 same build (79ma, 79.5ma, 81ma, 82ma)

$ 159.99

1 matched quad) EL5 Tungsram UK NOS original boxes 1947-1949

1 tube) 82ma Gm=8900

1 tube) 81ma Gm=9100

1 tube) 79.5ma Gm=8800

1 tube) 79.0ma Gm=8900


Matched on Amplitrex: (data sheet specifications)




Good Ma range 65-72ma

Good Gm = 8000-8500


(EL5=18 watt pentode, Vfil=6.3V @ 1.35A, Vplate max=250V)

- transco base

- some paint is faded on each tube from old age and storage conditions



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