(!!!!!) (Best Value Pair) 12AU7=ECC82 Telefunken Germany <> bottom smooth plates NOS "Tektronix Checked" 1960's (10.0/10.5ma and 10.5/12.5ma) (low noise)

$ 279.99

1 ultra-low noise pair) 12AU7=ECC82 Telefunken Germany <> bottom NOS "Tektronix Checked" 1960's in white boxes from bulk-pack of 100

1 tube) 10.0/10.5ma Gm=2300/2400 (1965) #41290

1 tube) 10.5/12.5ma Gm=2200/2300 (1960's) #399718


Good Ma = 8-10ma

Good Gm = 1800-2200

Recommended for

Wavac prt1 preamp (pr-t1)

Audio Note M1 preamp

Octave (Germany)

VTL TL 7.5 MKII preamp

VTL 6.5, Audio Note M8

Mastersound PH-1

Airtight TC3


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