ECC82=12AU7 Siemens Germany branded SONOTONE "chrome plates" NOS 1962 (9.0/9.4ma)

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1 low noise tube) ECC82=12AU7 Siemens "chrome plates" NOS copper grid posts branded Sonotone 1962 original box, partially smeared printing 

1 section) 9.4ma Gm=2200

1 section) 9.0ma Gm=2100

Tested on Amplitrex

Good Ma range 8-10ma

Good Gm range 1800-2200


  • Low noise and not microphonic


- Decware Zbox (Unity Gain Stage)
- Audio Note L2 Custom - Response Audio
- Bottlehead
- Ray Samuels Raptor


See more: vacuum tube
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