(!!!) (Recommended Single) E88CC=6922 Siemens Halske

(!!!) (Recommended Single) E88CC=6922 Siemens Halske "A" frame NOS 1973 (A6 series) (13.0/13.6ma)

$ 169.99

1 low noise tube) E88CC=6922 Siemens Halske "A" frame NOS (A6-3E=1973) 

13.0ma Gm=12,500

13.6ma Gm=13,300


Good Ma range 12-15ma

Tested on Amplitrex 


(very open, airy, transparent, detailed, and articulate bass with very good triode section matching and low noise)

- Aesthetix Io phono stage

- CAT SL-1

- Audible Illusions

- Audio Research

- ARC PH-5 phono

- Herron VTSP-2 preamp


- Octave

- Kora Hermes II Tube DAC

- Decco Integrated amp

- Lector

- Manley Steelhead

- Ear Acute

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