(!!!!!) (Best Overall Pair) E80CF=7643 Valvo branded Amperex Germany PQ NOS 1961 1-2% (PREMIUM 6BL8 SUB) (Tuners)

$ 99.99

1 matched pair) E80CF=7643 Amperex Germany PQ NOS made by Valvo Hamburg Germany original boxes 1961 (Triode/Pentode) 1-2% matched

1 tube) 11.4ma Gm=4900 and 10ma Gm=6400

1 tube) 11.8ma Gm=4800 and 10ma Gm=6500


Good Triode section Ma and Gm = 11-13ma Gm= 4500-5000

Good Pentode section Ma and Gm = 9-11ma Gm = 6000-6500


7643=E80CF is a "SPECIAL QUALITY" low noise medium-mu triode/pentode

Specs are similar to 6BL8=ECF80


- McIntosh MR-67 tuner

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