(BEST SINGLE #3) EF804S Telefunken Kuhl-Tube cryo NOS 1960's (S)=factory selected for low noise (2.9ma)

$ 109.99

1 tube) EF804S Telefunken Kuhl-Tube cryo-treated NOS 1960's (2.9ma) Gm=2200

Tested on Amplitrex




Good Ma = 2.8-3.2ma

Good Gm = 1800-2000

(Special Quality 10,000+ Low Noise Pentode for microphones)

Factory Selected (S) for low noise

General Information

(Special Quality 10,000+ Low Noise Pentode for microphones)

In 1951 Telefunken started the 800 Series tube design and offered their improvement to the EF12 design;
the EF804S is an identical version of the EF40/EF86 but with a different pin layout that offered less cross
talk from the 1950 standard AC heated filament. They also used an improved cathode base material which
is a nearly microphonic-proof construction with a cathode coating. This tube was mainly used for the
AEG/Telefunken Magnetophone production, but evolved into much of the professional studio equipment of the time. First the V72 was re-equipped with this state of the art Telefunken EF804S audio tube made in their Berlin and Ulm production. In 1967 in London, England, producer George Martin started to use EF804S equipped V72 pre amps for THE BEATLES ALBUM "SARGENT PEPPER" .

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