(!!!!!) (Best Single) ECC83=12AX7 Miniwatt Holland NOS "D" getter with cross-bar 1958 (1.5/1.7mA and Gm=1800/1800) (High mA and Gm)

$ 329.99

1 low noise tube) ECC83=12AX7 Miniwatt Heerlen Holland NOS "D" getter with cross-bar (delta8B=1958) in white box

1 section) 1.5ma Gm=1800

1 section) 1.7ma Gm=1800


Tested on Amplitrex

Good NOS mA = 1ma+

Good NOS Gm = 1600+

  • Low Noise and not microphonic

Recommended for

- Egnater M4 (rack-mounted "modular" preamp)
- Victoria Regal
- Fender
- Pendulum Audio Quartet I mic pre

See more: vacuum tube
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