(!!!!) (#1 6U8 Telefunken Pair - Best Overall Sound) ECF82=6U8 Telefunken <> bottom NOS original boxes 1969 factory sealed (matched on Amplitrex)

$ 99.99

1 pair) ECF82=6U8 Telefunken Diamond Bottom <> NOS original boxes 1969 

1 tube) 16.0ma Gm=8400 (triode) and 11.4ma Gm=5800 (pentode)

1 tube) 18.5ma Gm=9300 (triode) and 11.0ma Gm=5600 (pentode)

Matched on Amplitrex

Good Triode Ma 15ma

Good Pentode Ma 8-10ma


box seals cut open to text and match tubes 


Recommended for:

- Radford STA-15 Series III 1965

- McIntosh MX-110

- Grommes PHI-26

- Scott 299C

- Vox

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