(!!!) (#1 6B4G Pair) JAN-CHS-6B4G Sylvania NOS separate plates NOS 1952 (106ma and 107ma) (Highest Ma and Gm)

$ 129.99

1 pair) JAN-CHS-6B4G Sylvania NOS 1952 separate plates original boxes

1 tube) 106ma Gm=7150

1 tube) 107ma Gm=7200 


Test Data: Vplate=225V, Vgrid=-30V

(NOS used Ma range 70-90ma)

(NOS used Gm = 4500-5000)



Technical Information

(6B4G=6.3V filament)

(6B4G is electrically equivalent to 6A3, but 6A3 has UX-4 pin base and 6B4G has 8 pin octal base)

(The best sounding 6B4G are 1940's-1950's: Ken Rad, Tungsol, Sylvania, Raytheon)


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