(!!!!) (#1B 310A Pair) 310A Western Electric small punch plate NOS 1954 in white boxes (5.3ma and 5.4ma)

$ 599.99

1 pair) 310A Western Electric small punch plate "D" getter halo NOS (426=1954) same date codes in white boxes, large getters

1 tube) 5.4ma Gm=1600 very small hairline crack in base, barely noticeable, camera flash reveals it brightly, without flash crack is less noticeable, tube is tight to base and no rattles inside base

1 tube) 5.3ma Gm=1600 top cap gently cleaned of oxidation




Good Ma range 5-5.5ma

Good Gm range 1600-1800


Tested on TV-7D/U

1 tube) 50/30 (1954)

1 tube) 50/30 (1954)


General Info

Pentode, Vfil=10V


- Maison Audiophile Paris 300B Legend amp 1990
- Tektron 211 amp
- WE 91B amp
- Shindo

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