(!!!) (#2 01A PAIR) 01A RCA engraved base NOS 1930's (3.3m and 3.3ma) matched on Amplitrex

$ 64.99

1 pair) 01A US NOS engraved base, test the same, same internal build

1 tube) 3.3ma Gm=800 RCA made for and branded Coronado NOS 1930's (Gamble Stores USA - RCA)

1 tube) 3.3ma Gm=800 RCA Cunningham NOS 1930's


Matched on AMplitrex



NOS Ma = 3ma

NOS Gm = 800


(Filament=5V @ 250ma, Vplate max=135V)

- Crosley C5 1926

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