(!!!!) (BEST OVERALL PAIR #2) 800=VT-64 RCA black plate NOS 1940's original boxes (53ma and 53.5ma) (matched on Amplitrex)

$ 399.99

1 matched pair) 800=VT-64 RCA black plate 1940's NOS, large getters, square flat-foil getters, in original boxes

1 tube) 53.5ma Gm=2400

1 tube) 53.0ma Gm=2370


Good NOS Ma = 50ma

Good NOS Gm = 2100=2200




General Information

Vfil=7.5V @ 3.25A, 35 watts, Vplate max=1250VDC, Mu=15

Introduced in 1933

transmitting triode

See more: vacuum tube
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