(!!) 6FQ7 RCA Clear Top NOS 1970's (8.6ma/9.8ma)

(!!) 6FQ7 RCA Clear Top NOS 1970's (8.6ma/9.8ma)

$ 42.99

1 low noise tube) 6FQ7 RCA Clear Top NOS 1970's "O" getter

1 section) 8.6ma Gm=2700

1 section) 9.8ma Gm=2800


(RCA made the best sounding 6FQ7 and 6CG7)

- Stax SRM-T1S, SRM 007T, SRA-35
- Stax SRM-006tII
- Marantz 8B
- Marantz 2
- ARC D79, D79A
- Moscode 401HR amp
- Conrad Johnson Premier 8A Monoblocks
- Conrad Johnson PV-9A preamp
- Conrad Johnson Premier 11A
- Art Audio Vinyl 1 phono stage regulator tube
- Gill Audio Elise DAC
- AVA T8+ preamp
- Audio Research D-250 MKII Servo
- Leben

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