(!!!) (Best Pair) 6DN7 GE gray plates NOS 1964-1969 same build (35/32ma and 8.0/8.4ma)

$ 37.99

1 pair) 6DN7 GE gray plates NOS 1960's same build

1 tube) 35ma Gm=7300 and 8.0ma Gm=2400 (Ge branded Zenith 1969)

1 tube) 32ma Gm=7000 and 8.4ma Gm=2300 (GE 1964)


Matched on Amplitrex

1 section) Good NOS Ma=35-40ma and Gm=7000-7700

1 section) Good NOS Ma=7-8ma and Gm=2200-2500



- Bottlehead S.E.X. amp (Headphone amp)
- Bottlehead SMACK
- CONN organ console amp 1970's 2 channel
- MFA Luminence preamp 1990

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