(!!!!) (Recommended Mullard) 6DJ8 Mullard UK NOS 1966 (18.0/19.6ma)

(!!!!) (Recommended Mullard) 6DJ8 Mullard UK NOS 1966 (18.0/19.6ma)

$ 99.99

1 low noise tube) 6DJ8 Mullard UK NOS 1966 (GA2 series)

1 section) 18.0ma Gm=12,800

1 section) 19.6ma Gm=13,800


(the rarest and most sought after 6DJ8, very lifelike sound)
(oldest and rarest 6DJ8 Holland in stock)
(these are the best 6DJ8 to use in a linestage, more musical than CCa Telefunken)
(6DJ8 Holland sound excellent in preamps by AR, CJ, Audible Illusions, Sonic Frontiers, VAC, CAT, etc.)


Recommended for

- Manley Chinook
- Scott Nixon DAC
- Rode K2 mic
- Sunfire Classic Vacuum Tube Control Center
- Woo Audio WA3+
- Pathos Classic One MK III preamp
- Audio Horizons phono


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