(!!) (Recommended Pair) 6C8G RCA NOS 1940's same build (3.5/3.5ma and 3.9/3.9ma)

By Tube World

$ 39.99

1 pair) 6C8G RCA round black plates NOS 1940's

1 tube) 3.9/3.9ma and Gm=1600/1600 RCA 1947 - top cap cleaned - smaller getter

1 tube) 3.5/3.5ma and Gm=1500/1500 Emerson by RCA 1940's - larger getter

Tested in Amplitrex

Vplate = 250V

Vgrid = -4.6V

Good NOS Ma = 3ma

Good NOS Gm 1500-1600



You an buy an adapter socket on EBAY to sub this tube for a 6SL7GT

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