(!) 6BL7GT Sylvania rebranded Tungsol

(!) 6BL7GT Sylvania rebranded Tungsol "D" getter halo NOS 1955-1956 (37/38ma)

$ 11.99


1 tube) 6BL7GT Sylvania rebranded Tungsol NOS D = rectangle getter halo 1955 date on top of glass and 1956 date code on base

37ma Gm=6500

38ma Gm=6700

Recommended for

- Single Power MPX3 SE
- Cary 1610se

(Vfil=6.3V @ 1.5A, Vplate max=500V, Iplate max=60ma, Pout max = 12 watts total for both triode sides)
The 6BL7GTA is interchangeable with a 6BL7GT but differs from it in having
an improved section 1 for increased life as an oscillator, and controlled zero-bias
plate current in both sections
Typical Characteristics Class A Amp:
Vplate= 250V
Iplate= 42ma
Vgrid= -9
Rp= 2150 ohms
Mu= 15
Gm= 6200 for 6BL7 (RCA manual 1953) and 7000 mhos for 6BL7GTA (GE Manual 1957)


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