(!!!) (BEST PAIR) 6AN8A Westinghouse and Westinghouse branded GE NOS 1965-1967 (13/12ma and 14.4/11.6ma)

By Tube World

$ 42.99

1 pair) 6AN8A Westinghouse NOS same build

1 tube) 13.0ma Gm=4000 (triode) and 12ma Gm=7800 (pentode) GE 1965 (EU)

1 tube) 14.4ma Gm=4200 (triode) and 11.6ma Gm=7500 (pentode) Westinghouse 1967



Tested on Amplitrex

Good Ma/Gm (triode) = 13-15ma and Gm= 3800-4500

Good Ma/Gm (pentode) =  11-12ma Gm=7000-7500

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