(!!!) (#1 6AK5W Matched Quad) 6AK5W/5654 Telefunken Germany <> bottom NOS branded AEG (9.6/9.7/9.7/9.8ma) (matched on Amplitrex) (highest Ma and Gm)

$ 59.99

1 Matched Quad) 6AK5W=5654 Telefunken Germany <> diamond bottom NOS branded AEG

(Allgemeine Electricitats-Gesellschaft="General Electricity Company") 1960's - 1970's

1 tube) 9.6ma Gm=5500

1 tube) 9.7ma Gm=5700

1 tube) 9.7ma Gm=5400

1 tube) 9.8ma Gm=5600


Matched on Amplitrex




Good Iplate = 6 - 7.5ma

Good Gm = 4500-5100


(best sounding 6AK5)

nice detail, balanced sound

(sub for 6J1P Chinese)


Recommended for

Little Dot MKII Headphone amp
Little Dot MKIII Headphone amp
Little Dot MKIV SE headphone amp
Little Dot Hybrid I+
Yaqin CD 2
Yaqin MS34D 2009
Yaqin MS20L Integrated amp
CAD Trion 8000 Multi-Pattern Studio Tube Microphone (sub for 6J1P)
Hifiman EF2 USB Headphone Amplifier
Darkvoice 332
Beez Neez Mahalia Microphone
Yamamoto CA-04 preamp
Telefunken CU-29 Copperhead Mic
Maverick Audio A1 amp
LAMM ML-2 amp 1999


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