(!!!!) (BEST SOUNDING 5U4G) U52=5U4G GEC brown base "D" getter NOS 1950's (54/40 and 55/40) 1% section balance

$ 409.99

1 tube) U52=5U4G GEC black plates - brown base "D" getter halo NOS 1950's original box, box is poor condition, tube in excellent condition 

Tube plugged into octal socket in picture

1 section) 54/40 

1 section) 55/40

Amplitrex Tested: 120ma current through plates (below 42ma V drop is very good)

Diode #1 Forward Voltage 416V, Reverse 26V drop

Diode #2 Forward Voltage 416V, Reverse 27V drop


U52 are best sounding 5U4G ever made

the only 5U4G substitute that sonically compares to the U52 is the 274A or 274B Western Electric 


Recommended for

- Modwright Oppo

- WA6-SE (Special Edition) Headphone Amplifier

- SET amps

- Wright Sound SET

- Audio Note P4 Balanced mono amps

- Dared MCP7 preamp with phono

- Singlepower

- Modwright Transporter

- Donald North Audio






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