5840=EF732 GE NOS 1960's (7 in stock)

5840=EF732 GE NOS 1960's (7 in stock)

$ 9.49

7) 5840 GE NOS 1960's


(The 5840 is the special quality version of the EF732 pentode. It appears
to be an updated version of the EF72. It is a high impedance device probably
used at as an IF amplifier with a tuned anode circuit at a frequency of 10.7 MHz.
The thin glass tube envelope is 9 mm in diameter, and excluding the B8D base pins is 36 mm tall)

- Soundelux E49
- Soundelux U99
- Peluso P-28
- Brauner Valvet-X tube microphone

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