(!!!!) (Recommended Pair) 5654=6AK5W GE NOS 1983 (6.3ma and 6.4ma)

(!!!!) (Recommended Pair) 5654=6AK5W GE NOS 1983 (6.3ma and 6.4ma)

By Tube World Express

$ 17.99

1 Matched Pair) 5654=6AK5W GE NOS 1983

1 tube) 6.3ma Gm=4900

1 tube) 6.4ma Gm=4700


Matched on Amplitrex




Good Iplate = 5.5 - 7ma

Good Gm = 4000-5100


warm detail, balanced sound

good sub for 6J1/6J1P Chinese


Recommended for

Little Dot MKII Headphone amp
Little Dot MKIII Headphone amp
Little Dot MKIV SE headphone amp
Little Dot Hybrid I+
Yaqin CD 2
Yaqin MS34D 2009
Yaqin MS20L Integrated amp
CAD Trion 8000 Multi-Pattern Studio Tube Microphone (sub for 6J1P)
Hifiman EF2 USB Headphone Amplifier
Darkvoice 332
Beez Neez Mahalia Microphone
Yamamoto CA-04 preamp
Telefunken CU-29 Copperhead Mic
Maverick Audio A1 amp
LAMM ML-2 amp 1999


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