(!!!!!) (Best Pair 1955) 336A Western Electric NOS 1955 same date codes (39ma and 39.5ma) (matched on Amplitrex)

$ 649.99
1 Matched Pair) 336A Western Electric NOS original boxes (539=1955) same date codes 
1 tube) 39.5ma Gm=4750

1 tube) 39.0ma Gm=4700


Matched on Amplitrex




Good Iplate=32ma

Good Gm=4200


The 336A is similar electrically to the 349A with 2 differences:

336A: 6 pin base, 10V Filament

349A: 8 pin base, 6.3V Filament

All other electrical specs are the same


General Information

(used in speech-input equipment and 106-type amplifier)

(Vfil=10V @ 640ma, Vplate=250V, Iplate=30ma, Mu=336, Gm=4200, Rp=80Kohms, Pout=3.5 watts, UX-6 base)

(same as STC 4336A)  

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