(!!!!) (#1 307A Quad) 307A=VT-225 Ken Rad NOS 1940's (44.5/44.8/47/47.5ma)

$ 169.99

1 matched quad) 307A=VT-225 Ken Rad NOS mid-1940's, same build

1 tube) 44.5ma Gm=4000

1 tube) 44.8ma Gm=4000

1 tube) 47.0ma Gm=4400

1 tube) 47.5ma Gm=4150


Good Ma range 45=50ma

Gm Gm = 4000


(307A=VT-225 Sylvania / Ken-Rad, Identical to Western Electric, 6 Watt Pentode)
(The 307A is a 306A with a quick heating filament, 5.5V @ 1A filament,
5-pin bayonet socket with top cap)

- Peter Millett headphone amp

- Eddie Current Balancing Act

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