(!!!!) (Best Black Plate Pair) 2A3 RCA black plates NOS 1947 and 1950 (108ma and 113ma)

$ 369.99

1 matched pair) 2A3 RCA black plates "D" getters 1947 and 1950

1 tube) 108ma RCA "D" getters - small size

1 tube) 113ma RCA branded Tungsol "D" getters - larger size - see pic

RCA branded Tungsol has slighter darker black plate


Test Data: Vplate=230V, Vgrid=-30V

1 tube) 108ma Gm=6600

1 tube) 113ma Gm=6850

Good NOS range 80-120ma


Test Data: Vplate=250V, Vgrid=-45V

1 tube) 55ma Gm=5100

1 tube) 58ma Gm=5200

Good NOS range 50-60ma



Recommended for




Ming Da

Musical Paradise




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