(!!!!) (Recommended Pair) USN-CRC-2A3 RCA black plate NOS 1943 (100ma and 101ma)

$ 449.99

1 pair) USN-CRC-2A3 RCA NOS black plates double D getter halo 1943 same date codes

1 tube) 100ma Gm=7100

1 tube) 101ma Gm=7100


Test Data: Vplate=230V, Vgrid=-30V

Iplate=100ma Gm=7000

Iplate=101ma Gm=7100

Good NOS range 80-120ma


Test Data: Vplate=250V, Vgrid=-45V

Iplate=45ma Gm=5000

Iplate=45ma Gm=5050

Good NOS range 50-60ma



Recommended for

Tektron, Melody, Bottlehead, Ming Da, Musical Paradise


(NOTE: USN-CRC-2A3 = JAN-CRC-2A3, same construction and all are early to mid 1940's)

- Bottlehead Stereomour 2A3
- Melody

2A3 RCA "Double-Plate" Sonic Description:
"Very balanced, with great upper midrange extension. Highs are sweet and mids are
musical. This is the classic bi-plate 2A3 and worth every penny, the best double-plate 2A3"

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