(!) (~ Best 12SX7GT Pair ~) JAN-CRC-12SX7GT RCA NOS 1955-1956 (8.6/10.0ma and 8.6/10ma)

$ 98.88

1 Low Noise Pair) JAN-CRC-12SX7GT RCA NOS "D" getter halo original boxes

1 tube) 8.6/10ma Gm=2500/2800 (1956)

1 tube) 8.6/10ma Gm=2500/2600 (1955)


12SX7GT Dual Triode
(upgrade your 12SN7 to these for improved sound)
(Vplate=250V, Vgrid=-8V, Mu=20, Gm=2600, Rp=7700ohms, Iplate=9ma)
(Max plate voltage=300V)

- Mapletree Audio Line 2A SE 2007
- Mapletree Audio Line 2B
- Mapletree Audio Ultra 4A SE preamp
- Tube Research Dude preamp
- Cavalli Liquid Glass 2013

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