(!!!!!) (Best Overall Pair) ECC83=12AX7 Siemens Halske Germany NOS 1967 1-3% matched (1.1/1.3ma and 1.1/1.1ma)

$ 319.99

1 low noise matched pair) ECC83=12AX7 Siemens Halske Germany ribbed plates NOS 1967 same date codes (163 series) 1% matched in white boxes from bulk pack of 100

1 tube) Gm=1700/1800 (1.1/1.1ma)

1 tube) Gm=1700/1900 (1.1/1.3ma)


Recommended for

- PHONO STAGES (specifically)

Lamm Industries ML3 Signature mono amps,

Nagra PL-L preamp

VTL 7.5 preamp

Conrad Johnson Premier 15 phono preamp



Diva Audio M7 preamp

EAR 834P

Se Electronics Z5600a II Tube Condenser mic

Veloce Audio Line Stage and Phono Amp

MFA preamp

Orange amps

Pilot SP-210 preamp

Jadis preamp

George Wright phono

THD Plexi-50

MXL V69 Mogami Edition

Tubetech CL1B

Audio Thrills phono

AKG mic

Bellari VP130 phono


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